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Lorna - Make-up Artist

My name is Lorna, I am a passionate makeup artist with nearly 8 years experience. Having worked for Christian Dior during my career I have always set myself extremely high standards ensuring I am following trends and updating my techniques and products. Creativity is my strength and enjoying personalising makeup for individuals so they feel the best they can be! I believe anyone can feel glamorous and at any age! it’s important to find my clients makeup comfort zones and stretch them to show them something new and exciting that they can feel confident with and even learn to do themselves. I have been very lucky during my path as a makeup artist from winning makeup master awards in London to winning makeup consultant of the year for the UK, enjoying a fantastic trip to Paris increasing my knowledge and skills even further with the world’s best! What a wonderful industry to be in where a girl can be in her element, doing what she loves whilst meeting people during the most exciting times of their lives! Lorna is mobile for trials.


Lorna was awarded the Dior Golden Beauty Consultant Award for 2012

Lorna 2019.jpg

Gallery of Lorna's work

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