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Expert advice - Getting married in the rain

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Sadly our British summer is proving to be very British, with the last few key wedding dates being complete wash outs. But if you're a UK bride then really this is something you need to be prepared for, as disappointing as it might be... so what can you do. Here are my tips.

Wet weather wedding
James and Kerrie Photography

  1. Ask this question to your photographer before you book them... 'can I see some of your rainy day weddings?' Most of the time, I've found rainy wedding photos almost more impressive than dry days.

2. Umbrellas - I mean this is an obvious one, but even if you suspect dry weather, having a batch of nice umbrellas that won't look out of place on the day, is an absolute must. You'll need enough for the bridal party, and grooms party. If you don't use them, you'll easily be able to sell them on. If you're having a brightly coloured wedding, consider brightly coloured brollies to match

3. If you have an outdoor wedding then wedding wellies are a must. You can make them a cool feature if you end up needing to wear them. They could also come in handy to help you get into the middle of that beautiful field when you've had a down pour prior to the day and the ground is sodden. You don't want to spoil your gorgeous wedding shoes now do you?

Rainy wedding
Matt Willis Photography

4. Talk to your venue about a wet weather plan. They will be well prepared for wet weather, so they're best placed to advise you on how to handle it. This will include alternative spaces for group photos, when they can't be held outside.

5. Believe in fate... ok hear me out. It's supposedly to be lucky for it to rain on your wedding day. it signifies that your marriage will last... I'd take that!

6. Consider where people will be walking. If you're not using a venue as such and having

a DIY day, then ensuring walk ways are safe when wet will be really important.

7. Give some thought to your hair. If you were planning on having it down, you may want to consider changing to an updo as they tend to cope better in wet weather. Especially

if your day involves having to move between venues and being outside is inevitable at

some point.

Wet wedding day
Nick Church Photography

8. If it looks like the rain might bring cooler weather, then ensure there are hot drinks available at your venue or set up a mobile coffee bar. I have no doubt your older guests will thank you for it.

9. Weather proof your shoes (male and female). This means spraying your shoes with a protective spray if the fabric would spoil if they got wet. Double check that your shoes can absorb the product without spoiling first though. Also consider grip for your shoes. Often wedding shoes can have smooth bottoms which could be problematic in the wet, so look for stick on protectors to add grip.

Night time rainy wedding photo
Honeydew Moments

10. Don't panic! This is the worst thing you can do and ultimately the weather is completely out of your control. Focus on the things you can control, like how you react to the situation and actioning all of the above.

Did you get married in the rain? Do you have any tips?

Thanks for reading

Emily xxx


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