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Expert Advice - How to prepare for your hair and make-up trial.

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

It's very likely that you'll only have one hair and make-up trial, so you really want to make the most of the experience. Here are my tips on how to do that...

  1. Talk to your artist and stylist, ask them when they would like you to wash your hair and whether you should be make-up free or not. This can change depending on the artist, so don't assume something you have done before would be the same this time.

  2. Check when and how they expect to be paid. There's nothing that kills an exciting wedding mood than talking about money, so get it clear from the start.

  3. Look at their work. Look for people in their images with similar hair / skin tone to you. Use this as inspiration if possible. Otherwise have a look on Pinterest / Instagram for styles you like, again on people that look similar to you. BE REALISTIC!!

  4. Look after your skin. We hear all the time, 'make-up doesn't stay on my skin' etc. It's rarely down to the product being used, and more likely down to the condition of your skin. So if you don't aready, ensure you exfoliate once or twice a week, and give your skin some hydration. I promise you, your skin will love you for it.

  5. Make sure you have your hair accessories available at the trial. They might have some pieces you can try out, but having the real thing is even better all round.

  6. If you plan to have a fake tan or false lashes, then ensure you have them done for your trial too.

  7. Have images of your dress, flowers and colour scheme handy. They may well ask to see them, and it saves you scrolling for days to find them.

  8. Be clear on how long you have with your artist and use your time wisely. If you run out of time they will most probably have other appointments after you, and you will need to book and pay for a new appointment.

  9. If you want to trial 2 looks, make sure your artist knows this from the start so that they can do them in the right order, i.e a hair down, before a hair up.

  10. Be aware that trialling more than 2 hair looks on a trial can be very difficult due to the hair already having a lot of manipulation.

  11. If you plan to colour your hair prior to the wedding, then do this for the tria too. Blonder hair styles can look vastly different to the same style in a darker tone.

  12. Be honest, if you're not sure about something, please please please just say. It's often a simple fix and we don't take this kind of stuff personally. We want you to be happy.

  13. Don't be disheartended if you decide you need a second trial to get it right, it's perfectly normal.

  14. Make sure you have thought about food for yourself before / during the trial. Especially if you're having hair and make-up trials back to back. You might be busy for 3 to 4 hours, so the last thing you want it to feel starving hungry.

  15. Have someone with you that you trust. A second opinion can be really helpful. But avoid anyone with really strong opinions, that often differ to yours, or someone that you can't trust to be entirely honest.

Good luck and thanks for reading

Emily xxx

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