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Hair Accessory Inspiration

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

This blog post really covers all bases when it comes to hair accessories. We've got hats, bows, dried flowers, hair bands... you name it, we've seen it. This has been a really enjoyable blog to put together. Would love to know if anything you see inspires you...

Embroidered hair band - this band was made to match her fabulous embroidered dress. Keeping her hair simple allowed the band to really do the talking and I think you'll agree it's the perfect addition to her outfit. Styling by Natalie S.

An Epic Bow - Leanne appears to be the queen of bows, with both of the below styling created by her.

A Draping Veil - This is just perfect for showing off intricate hair styles whilst still wearing a veil, The best of both worlds. Hair styling by Laura.

A Pagan head piece - This a real statement accessory. Natalie S paired this with lots of braids and plaits at the back, perfectly suiting her Pagan wedding.

A floral head dress - This is a headdress and a half. If you're going to consider a headdress, then you must make sure it's made by someone with extensive experience. The head dress needs to not wilt or droop and also needs to be comfortable to wear. These are often made with faux flowers. When done properly they're absolutely stunning. Hair styling by Leanne.

A Hat - This isn't something we see very often, but as you can see with the example below it can really tell a story of the person wearing it. This bride paired it with white cowboy boots too. Hair styling by Sam.

A bunny tail headband - This adorable bunny tail headband was such a vibe, and absolutely perfect for Emma's stunning bohemian styling. Hair styling by Charlotte C.

A Hair Vine - One of the most versatile of accessories. It can be pinned in through a chunky plait, can be added as a tiara or worn like this across the forehead. This bride went for a Grecian Princess style, Charlotte C (styling the hair) said she reminded her of empress from Gladiator!

Simple pins - These pins are wonderful for adding a pop of detail without over powering the hair style. Also brilliant if your bridesmaids are opting for a number of different styles. You can buy pins with in varying styles, with stars, diamonds, pearls and coloured gems. hair styling by Laura.

A detailed hair slide - This one has hand made ceramic flowers, with sparkly beads, but there are so many options, including something more simple like the one below with hammered silver leaves and pearls. This hair styling is by Casey.

Statement slides - These gold and pearl handmade hair slides / pins are a wonderful addition to a Grecian look. Hair by Charlotte C.

Fabric Flower Headband - Megan wears this style so well. Keeping her hair simple allows the hairband to do it's thing! I bet you could wear this after the big day too. Hair styling by Ruth.

A Scrunchie - the epitome of understated hair styling. Hannah knew what she wanted and wore it beautifully. Hair styling by Leanne.

If you're looking for recommended suppliers of products like the above, then here are a few places to get you started.

Etsy is also a great place to find handmade bespoke pieces from independents.

Also try bridal shops, they often have a good range of accessories, or if you're looking for something specific, then they can point you in the right direction of local independent suppliers independents.

Thanks for reading

Emily and team xxx


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