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How to manage your wedding day nerves.

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Having been around on well over 600 weddings now myself, I have experienced a whole host of scenarios and wedding dramas. But I've also picked up plenty of tips on how to keep stress levels and nerves to a minimum. So here are my tips.

1. Delegate. Don't give yourself much (if anything, to do on the morning). Hand out jobs to your bridal party and trust them with them.

2. If you're particularly nervous about walking down the aisle, then trust me on this one... catch the gaze of your future husband / wife and just know that in that moment you will feel like there's no one else there.

3. If you're worried about doing your vows in front of lots of people and messing up then don't. I stumbled over my vows and all it did was relax me and it produced the best photos...

Neil Pollock Photography

4. Think about what it is that makes you most anxious and write down rational thoughts around it. Why is it making you anxious? Is there anything you can do to control the situation?

5. Keep stressy people away. Give them a job or have them get ready in another room.

6. Think about your playlist. Put together a happy, fun, and calm playlist. Music always makes life easier.

Little Red Book Photography

7. Check in with all your suppliers the week before the wedding. It will put your mind at ease that everything is in hand.

8. Create a contact list for all suppliers and main members of your bridal party, hand this to all those that are integral to your day.

9. Discuss an action plan if anything goes wrong... I.e who's going to handle it and keep it from you until all is rectified. What you don't know can't hurt you.

Matt Willis Photography

10. Eat and drink. Make sure you eat a good breakfast and drink plenty of water. You don't want to be feeling faint or getting a dehydration headache.

11. Go easy on the booze. A glass before you walk down the aisle is almost a given, but don't go crazy. You'll undoubtedly regret it.

12. If you're a typically anxious person then maybe look into meditation or hypnotherapy as a way to help you control your anxiety and practice it in the run up to the day.

I hope this is helpful.

Thank you for reading.

Emily xxx


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