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Meet the team... Katie M, Sam, Kate and Natalie R

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

It's always nice to get to know your hair and makeup team, especially considering they're probably some of the only people you'll be with on your wedding morning asides from your nearest and dearest. This blog post brings you closer to four more of the team.

Katie M - Hair Stylist

Stylist curling hair Bridal South West
Katie M - Hair stylist

Katie has been a bridal hair stylist since 2017, having been trained by award winning stylist Pam Wrigley at her create beautiful hair course and regularly attends online training to keep up to date with the latest trends. Katie has a lovely modern yet classic feel to her work and is a very popular stylist when she's free.

Katie's Melksham based, but happily travels.

When she's not styling hair, she's dancing, having performed and taught for many years. She also enjoys directing and performing in amateur dramatics and pantomimes,

Her favourite tipple is Pink Sambuca and Lemonade (this is new one to me!). Her favourite film is the christmas classic The Holiday.

Sam - Hair Stylist

Hair stylist working South west bridal
Sam - Hair Stylist

Sam has been working in the hairdressing industry for over 30 years and is one of our most prestigious and experienced team members. She has also taught hair and make-up to media students at Bath College Academy. Most recently she's been basing herself more often in the Dordogne in France where her family lives. But her main residence is in Bath, and welcomes clients to her home for trials.

When she's not hair styling, she can be found teaching Salsa and Kizomba dancing. She also enjoys to dog and house sit locally, which is a lovely way to enjoy an animal without the regular responsibility.

She loves a coffee and piece of cake (girl after my own heart) and the occasional Raspberry Vodka. Her favourite food is Moulin Rouge.

Make up artist applying eyeliner South west Bridal

Kate has a First Class Honours Degree in Make-up Artistry and prides herself on maintaining this level of quality through out her work. She loves a boho style, but is very capable at creating a whole host of styles and looks.

Kate is one of our newest team members, but has slotted in perfectly.

Kate's based in Radstock, but is mostly mobile for trials.

When she's not working or looking after her 1 year old, she loves to be active. Yoga and Badminton being two activities she enjoys most. Depending on the time of day, she would either be ordering an Oat Latte or Sauvignon Blanc white wine. Her favourite childhood film is Matilda, she used to watch it every night before bed and ended up knowing the first part of the film off by heart (until she fell asleep). But now we have another vote for The Holiday as her favourite movie as an adult. I think I'd be giving it a third vote too.

Make up artist applying make up South west Bridal

Natalie has been a qualified professional make-up artist since 2012. Natalie is incredibly organised and efficient (a girl after my own heart) and in turn creates an incredibly calm atmosphere on wedding mornings.

Natalie is based in Gloucester and offers a range of beauty treatments and trials in a local salon.

She has a Bengal cat called Dolly at home and their family dog is a big fluffy Rottweiler called Luce. She loves the film 'Bridesmaids' (a must if you're getting married), but can more commonly found binging on sitcoms such as The Inbetweeners, Him and Her and The Office.

Her favourite food is chocolate, all day everyday!! Not really a drinker, but if she was then it would be Malibu and Coke. Hobbies wise (outside of make-up) she loves drawing and reading.

I always enjoy writing these posts. I like to feel like I know my team pretty well, but these posts always bring me that little bit closer to them.

Thanks for reading

Emily xxx


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