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Meet the team... Rachel, Sophie and Natalie S...

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

As the team grows, it's just so lovely to introduce some slightly newer faces to you and give you some insight into them as people as well as hair and make-up artists. Rachel, Sophie and Natalie are our newest recruits and I'm thrilled to share a little more about them here...

Rachel has always had a passion for make-up, but after having her 3 babies she's finally taken the plunge and decided to follow her dream. She's a trained beauty therapist, which she does alongside her bridal make-up. Her favourite red lip is Ruby Woo by Mac. Rachel is Melksham based, but mobile for trials.

Her favourite drink is hot chocolate, it's a nice warm belly hug (in her words). Since hitting her 30's she's not really a drinker, but does like the odd glass of prosecco on special occasions.

She loves a tragic love story, Titanic being her favourite film of all time and it was the first film she got on video when she was 10. When she's not being a mum and doing make-up, she loves all things self-care, reading, writing and crime documentaries, plus being by the ocean when she finds clarity and peace. She has a gorgeous 'Ragdoll' cat named Lola, who behaves like a puppy!

Self confessed make-up addict Sophie is a mum on a mission to reinvent herself in the make-up world. Talk to her for 5 minutes and her passion for make-up will be obvious. Sophie's warm and bubbly personality will immediately put you at ease in her company. Sophie is based in Warmley, Bristol, but generally mobile for trails.

Sophie's hobbies include binge watching series or films. Sophie said 'Who watches one episode a week?! Just give me the whole thing!

Walking with her friend and the kids in any weather, they don't care, and if the kids aren't moaning their legs hurt, then they haven't walked far enough!! ha!

She loves potato in all forms and chocolate, though not together!! Music is life!

Natalie is an extremely experienced hair stylist and hairdresser, with over 30 years under her belt in the industry. She has a home salon in Keynsham where she operates from most of the time, but is mobile for weddings.

Natalie's hobbies include popping off in their van to the coast, walking and Jazzercize classes. She loves a good drama on TV but nothing too scary. She hates horror moves (she can't sleep afterwards). Her favourite film has to be Dirty Dancing, which is also a firm favourite throughout most of the team it seems.

When it comes to music, she has a varied music taste from easy listening to dancing round the kitchen when cleaning!

Thank you for reading

Emily x


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