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Personal post - How weight lifting has changed the way I look at exercise.

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Ok so this has nothing to do with weddings or make-up or hair. But it might strike a chord with some of you and I wanted to talk about it.

weight loss lifting exercise pure gym kettle bells

I've always had a hatred for exercise. I like my food and for the first 37 years of my life I've dipped in and out of exercise, mainly when I start to out grow my clothes and don't want to have to buy a size up, because I'm a cheap skate!! So this is where I start running, join a gym, do a class or try another stupid diet. I usually lose about a stone (or a little more if I'm really focused) but I gradually always put the weight back on. Mainly becuase I get bored of what I'm doing, or because something in my life has seemed to get in the way and I've given up my latest fad. But in honesty, I think it's because I've never really loved it. It's always felt like a chore. How can you possibly expect to keep up with something if you really don't enjoy it... well you can't!

weight loss lifting exercise pure gym kettle bells

It was about 18 months after my 2nd baby was born (Oct 22) and I was loosing sight of who I was. I hated looking at myself in the mirror. I had no energy for my children but ultimately I was craving doing something for me. PureGym had recently opened in Portishead. It's an affordable, inclusive gym that was an easy walk or drive away and it's open 24 hours. No excuses!

weight loss lifting exercise pure gym kettle bells resistance training upper body lower core legs glutes

So I took the plunge and joined. I started doing their classes. I loved the Combat class and met a few friends who already went to the class there. We quickly decided to try out their training programmes together and suddenly we were meeting 2 / 3 times a week to train for 45 min to an hour each time. The training programmes are broken down into parts of the body you want to work out, upper body, lower body, core, legs, glutes etc. They all have warm ups and cool downs and there's usually a bit of cardio built in. But the area I've really found that has changed my body shape like I never have before is resistance training. Starting with smaller weights working up to barbells and now I'm literally loving using the bigger bar weights on the racks. I'm only deadlifting/ squatting 40-50kg at the moment, but I love that in time I can build on this. It's exciting to see how much I can lift. Who even am I? I have muscles in places I never thought possible. I'm 1 1/2 stone down and at my wedding weight, for the first time in over 8 years. Have I changed my diet though? Nope not one bit. This is the thing. I don't have time to be more organised with my food. I eat all my meals with the children and so choosing the really healthy options often isn't a family favourite, as annoying as it is. I also love my naughty treats, and life's for living right?

weight loss lifting exercise pure gym kettle bells resistance training upper body lower core legs glutes

I wish I had known how empowering weight lifting would be. It's not about being a 'muscle mary' as my hubby likes to call me. It's about feeling strong, feeling fitter, being able to run around after / with the children and showing them that exercise is a normal and important part of life. What's more I really love it. That time in the gym is for me. Whether I'm on my own listening to my favourite podcast 'Luanna' (if you know you know). Or with my friend laughing at eachother, it's time for me to breathe, to not be mummy or a business owner. It's doing something for my future that I'll never regret.

Have you tried weight lifting? What's your experience?

Thanks for reading

Emily xxx

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