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SWBHM HQ is moving

AJ Sylvester Photography

If you don't know how South West Bridal Hair and Make-up is run, then let me explain...

We're not a big company in an office block with a group of staff handling all your paperwork. Nope we're a husband and wife team who currently work from our home in Portishead. We have 2 children, Alex, (6) and Heidi (2). Emily is your main port of call for anything to do with your enquiry / booking. I handle all enquiries, big and small and every single bride. I take great pride in my speedy responses and hopefully good attention to detail (though we are all human, so cut me a little slack if there's the odd typo). We spend our Sundays planning our working week ahead, setting targets and planning our next blog posts and then the week begins on Mondays with the challenging juggle of work and childcare. We very much tag team it to ensure we can be active and responsive to your needs, but also spend time with the littles, while they are indeed little!!

Look at us, camping and smiling about it!!

Over the last 8 years Emily has built up the team from a handful of Bristol based people to 30 team members, based from Bridgwater to Bath and Wiltshire to Wales and everywhere in between. We cover a large area.

We have talked for a little while about the eternal struggle of childcare, when living in a town with no family close by. Tom's family are in Oxford and my family are in Minehead, West Somerset. But having built up a tight network of friends and our eldest being pretty settled in school it wasn't going to be a particularly easy decision to move. One thing that is consistent and very moveable, is how we run South West Bridal. With a team of mobile artists, who are all freelance and travel to you directly from their own homes and the work I do is all based online, it was something that wouldn't alter if we did move, we take great comfort in that.

When you're a Woolley, you have to have an annual 'Woolley' photo. This is last years.

We chatted some more, looked at house prices and earlier this year decided to plan to move the 4 of us to Minehead, in time for our son to start school in September, eeep! I have all of my family there, and the rural / beach life is a very tempting one. So at the end of the summer holidays we're off to start our new life there. It's really exciting to know after 20 years in Bristol (almost to the day) I can finally have my sister on the doorstep and live my life with her and the rest of the family day to day once again. What's more, my son will be going to the primary school I went to and will be in the same class as his cousin. This should help his transition even more.

Our 2 with their Minehead cousins, Jonah and Chloe.

I will be hugely sad to leave the amazing friends I've made in Portishead, but very much feel like they're friends for life now and I'll welcome them to our new home when we're settled. I'm also very much looking forward to building on our Somerset team, and spending lots more time at venues such as St Audries Park, Quantock Lakes and Crowcombe Court. So if you're a West Somerset based make-up artist or hair stylist please do get in touch with Emily and we can chat further.

Matt Willis Photography. A lovely shot from a West Country wedding I did a few years ago.

I want to take this opportunity to thank our team for the continued support. It really is like being part of an extended family. They all have our back, and that can't be taken for granted. The hair and make-up industry can get a bad rap for being a little catty at times, but not here. Not even slightly. Just endless kindness and support. I'm incredibly proud of that. Long may this continue.

Thank you for reading


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