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When should you book a trial?

Updated: Nov 1

mirror reveal of make-up at Clevedon hall
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Trial's can be the cause of great anxiety by some brides. That feeling of needing to love their look or what if I don't love it. Well you're not going to know the answer to either question until you actually have your trial, and the likelihood is, you will love it, so relax. Don't stress about something that hasn't happened yet. However if the outcome of your trial is causing sleepless nights, then get it booked in and start talking to your hair and make-up team.

Bride fixing her veil at Coombe Lodge

If you're not one to panic then, usually I find a hair and makeup trial between 3 and 6 months before the wedding is a good time to arrange it. Close enough that you know what your dress / look is intended to be, but far enough away that if you needed to book a second trial (which is more common than you'd think) then there's plenty of time to arrange this.

That being said it's entirely up to you when you book your trial. If you're keen to have a trial a year in advance then go for it. Though be prepared that you might want another closer to the wedding to refresh your memory.

Make-up artist applying foundation at Coombe Lodge

Equally if you can't trial until a couple of days before the wedding then this is no stress either. Our team are professionals who know what they're doing, and even turning up on the day without a trial at all, wouldn't phase them. Do what works for you.

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