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Why book with my team rather than an independant supplier?

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Blog Why book with my team rather than an independent supplier?
I love that this shot show's 3 of the 4 team members working, Jennifer and Katie C in the foreground and myself (Emily) in the mirror. Photography by Catherine Spiller Photography

Now this isn't intended in anyway to belittle or down talk independant hair stylists and make-up artists. It's about explaining what the benefits are of booking with a team. There are some incredible independent suppliers out there, but if you don't know exactly who you want, it can take a long time to trawl through social media and websites to find the right person for you, only to find they're already booked, how frustrating.

So imagine you've just got engaged and you're planning your day, but you're either getting married somewhere away from home, or you don't know of anyone personally that you can trust, it can be really daunting to narrow down you choices and know you're going to have someone reliable that's definitely going to turn up on your day. If you were to come to me, you gain not only your hair and make-up team who can be carefully chosen by yourself (or with my help if you would like), but you also get me. I'm your hair and make-up coordinator. I make sure all paperwork is completed so that your protected, I organise your team for the day, be that 1 person or 6 people that are turning up. I'll create you a schedule to coordinate all the people attending so that your morning runs without a hitch.

I also build in admin time to pretty much every day of the week and pride myself on never leaving you waiting for a reply for more than 48 hours (though often you'll get a response much quicker than that). This is because running this team is 90% of my job, the other 10% spent out with clients doing weddings myself. An independant is unlikely to be able to dedicate so much time to admin and therefore replies are likely to be much slower. Though this absolutely isn't always the case. There are some suppliers out there that are super hot on admin too.

What about when disaster strikes, your artist is taken ill, or something unforeseen crops up that means they can't be there? Whilst this is unlikely and incredibly rare it can and does occasionally happen. Well with me, the chances are I've sourced cover before you even know there's a problem. It doesn't mean you have to accept the cover I have on offer, but it's there and I'll ensure there's no additional cost to you. I have 30 team members, but I also have a larger network that I can call on when dramas occur. This would be very difficult for an independent to manage when they're ill or needed elsewhere.

Another consideration is, what if you don't love your hair or make-up after your trial. You've commited a booking fee and paid for the trial but you don't think the artist you've chosen is actually right for you. This happens, sometimes you're just not compatitible, it's all part of the job from our point of view and as disappointing as it is, it's really ok. However if you've booked with an independent ,then on cancelling the artist you lose your booking fee, which can be a bit of a financial blow. With my team, you have the option of transferring your booking fee to another available artist on the team, or someone in my wider network if no one on the team is available (which can be the case for peak dates). So that booking fee is not lost. It's quite straightforward to change your artist and often once you know what you don't want in a bridal look, the second trial is usually miles easier.

Ultimately I want you to use me. If you have concerns but don't want to speak to your artist directly, you want to chat through your artist options, you want to make changes to your numbers after booking or want a number of quotes so that you can decide what you can afford, just ask. That's exactly what I'm here for.

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