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Why 'wedding' services are more expensive...

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

This is a commonly asked question in our industry and I guess if it's not something you handle day to day, you might wonder why a wedding service can be so much more expensive than anything else. Well I'm hoping this post helps to explain this a little.

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This is the main reason - You're not just paying for the time they they're there on the day. You're paying for the admin beforehand, the emails back and forth to determine what you need, timings, directions, parking etc. All this is time spent that woudn't be for a service where you go into a salon or studio to have your hair and make-up done. We take the time to understand other aspects of your wedding before beginning your hair and make-up (dress, venue, flowers etc). It's really important that your look ties in with the rest of the day. This is built into your trial time.

Being mobile

We're predominatly mobile for weddings. This means we need a kit that can be packed up and transported easily. If we work in a studio too, then each time we're mobile all kit needs to be packed up carefully, restocked and ready to go for the next venue. Also being mobile means we need to have a reliable vehicle to get us to the venue. Breaking down on the way to a wedding is our worst nightmare.

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High end products

As a brial service you tend to expect high end products and so keeping our kits up to date with top quality products comes at a price.

Extra time allowed for the bride

We allow more time for the bride than anyone else, and will often wait around to make sure you're 100% happy before we leave, allowing for touch ups where necessary.

In hair styling it's often expected to be styling more elaborate or intricate looks, to be adding extensions or accessories. All of which takes time. We want it to be perfect, so rushing isn't in our nature. Allowing plenty of time means you have a more relaxing experience.

Even the simplest make-up or hair look, takes time to be done perfectly. So when requesting a natural make-up look, don't expect this to take any less time than a more glamorous one.

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When working on a wedding it's absolutely vital that all details are correct. So good communication and paperwork is paramount. From quotes and contracts to wedding morning plans. these things are often amended a number of times and resent until we have everything exactly right.

Planning diaries carefully

A good hair / make-up artist will plan their social calendar around your day. This means no big nights out the night before the wedding and often an early night instead. I personally also avoid any strong smelling food the day before a wedding too, as I don't want to be breathing curry over you and I definitely avoid take aways, just incase of a dodgy tummy!!

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An 8 hour day

Whilst we might be with you for 3 to 4 hours, note that we usually have to travel for around an hour and we can't just jump out of bed and into the car, we have to look presentable. Often a 4 hour job can mean 8 hours away from home, with getting reading, travelling and setting up time. I've set 4.30am alarms more times than is socially acceptable!! But we always arrive with a smile on our faces ready for the day, regardless of the start time.

Anti-social working days

This is a big one. Weekends away from family and friends, especially in peak season, have to come at a cost. Being able to afford to be a full time make-up artist / hair stylist means accepting work when really you would rather be at that family party you're missing or taking your child swimming.

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Cleaning kit

This is more about make-up artists than hair stylists, but cleaning make-up brushes is incredibly laborious and time consuming and after a wedding there can be literally hundreds to wash!!

Training and always learning

Keeping up with the latest trends. You've seen a look you particularly like on Instagram, let's say Hollywood Waves. Now not every hairstylist has the skills to produce a look like this. Training is essential to ensure we can offer the latest trends and you're paying for this too,

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Finding us in the first place. Being able to find the artist you want, means having the ability to find them online (usually) first. Having a website where images are readiy available, testimonials at your disposal and updated often. Having social media pages that show off their work, All of this takes time to create and update.


You're paying for experience. Not only in hair and make-up but in so many other aspects of the day. We fix dresses, dry off bouquets, fit button holes, iron shirts, entertain flower girls, source replacement suppliers (when disaster strikes), steam dresses (so thaty you don't ruin your own hair and make-up doing it), provide urgent sanitary products. We've seen it all, and we're used to staying calm in a crisis, very handy to have around.

I hope this helps you to have confidence in how and where you spend your hard earned cash.

Thank you for reading.



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