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Expert Advice - top tips on how to avoid dramas on your wedding day

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

top tips on how to avoid dramas on your wedding day

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So everyone wants their wedding day to go without a hitch don't they, but how could you possibly plan for everything? w

Well in reality you can't, but there are a few things you can do that will ease pressure and reduce potential stresses.

  1. Keep stressy people out of your way. Be it a mum or bridesmaid, give them a job and keep them busy. Some people can't help faffing and stressing, but you really don't need that.

  2. Create an emergency box with everything you might need on the day, from eye drops, sewing kit, medicine, scissors, a sharpie, the list is endless. Or book the lovely Neil Atkinson Photography and his wife Deb will bring a kit along for you.

  3. Zoe says 'Ensure everyone has the correct underwear, bras and tit tape BEFORE the morning, I remember one wedding, a maid having wrong boob tape they kept undoing it (it lost all stickiness) bridesmaids mum had to bring her new stuff... it was a morning!!!! 😳'

  4. Jen says 'Try not to have too much to drink the night before. If you are hungover then you won't be as calm and may be much more emotional'.

  5. Don't panic if you don't get much sleep the night before, it's perfectly normal, and you'll run on adrenaline for the day anyway.

  6. Louise says 'Trust your suppliers & their time scale/system. We get bridal parties ready all the time and we know how long it all takes. Trying to change it on the morning can throw everything out. We will get you ready for the time you have requested previously.'

  7. Jadie says 'Make sure the whole wedding party are wearing easily removable clothing: baggy, zips or buttons to ensure hair isn't ruined when getting changed'.

  8. Charlotte says 'Have your wing woman/person ready sooner, so that if anything needs tending to, you can relax knowing it’s in good hands with them whilst you enjoy your morning 🤍'

  9. Lorna says 'get all your gifts/speeches out of the way before you have your makeup done. Avoid those tear jerkers once your make-up is complete! And don't cook bacon sarnie's on your wedding morning, you dont want your hair and dress smelling a greasy wetherspoons🤣 ! Xx

  10. Carly says 'have a schedule printed to keep everyone in the loop'.

  11. Sarah says 'don’t get tied up with tradition, have your morning exactly how you want it! And have a good breakfast and create a playlist of great tunes!'

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