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How to book with us

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

It's really quite a simple process making a booking with us, but I thought a blog post explaining how we work, might be useful for anyone that's unsure.

Rose pink bridesmaids and bride at Eastington Park
Maddie Waters Photography

When you get in touch with us, either via email phone 07817 719248 or social media, you'll always come through to me (Emily). I look after all the admin and communication. I help you find the right people for you so that you don't have to spend your life scrolling through Google to find the perfect artist.

I'll need a certain amount of information to be able to look into your enquiry. I'll need the date, who requires hair and makeup, the time you need to be ready by and the location you'll need someone to come to on the day.

Bride applying perfume in Eliza Jane Howell dress at Pennard House
Grace Elizabeth Photography

I then put this out to my team, who come back and let me know their availability. When I send availability (usually about 24 hours later), I'll provide you with a sample quote for services (some times a few options depending on your numbers), a list of who's free, along with information about where trials are held and the cost of travel for the wedding date. This will help you avoid huge unexpected travel charges.

You'll also receive a link to our website, where you can view the work of the team, read a bit about them, and some testimonials from previous brides / clients.

If you're still not sure who might suit you, then simply give me an idea of what you're looking for or even what you really don't want and I'll help you identify the best fit for you.

Bride looking in a mirror at Elm Hay park
James and Kerrie Photography

Once you've decided who you like, we then just need the booking fee to secure your artist/artists. The booking fee is 20% of the services total. Once this is paid, I'll get your artists booked in and a contract created.

You can then book your trials and chat directly with your booked team members. I can also offer to create you a custom made wedding morning plan. This is a plan that takes into consideration all aspects of the wedding morning. From room access, to venue moves, to any other details that might need considering (how your dress does up, breakfast, or members of the bridal party arriving later). I ensure that all members of the bridal party have a slot each that doesn't over lap and allows for time to get dressed etc. It's really handy having something you can hand to your bridal party, so that they know where they need to be and when. See an example below.

Wedding morning plan
One of Emily's beautiful wedding morning plans

I'm always on hand to help you. If anything happens and you need to make changes just get in touch. A change in numbers, a different getting ready location, a new wedding time or you're just not sure after the trial. I'm on hand to chat it all through with you. There are always options if you're not 100% happy. Our booking fee is transferable to all team members, so you don't lose your booking fee should you wish to change team members. It does sometimes happen that the person you've chosen isn't quite the right fit for you, but also be aware that it's very common to need 2 trials. We don't always get it right first time and this can be for a whole host of reasons. Sometimes you're just not sure what you want. 99% of the time, we will nail it on the second trial.

By booking with me and my team, you get a form of insurance. If someone is ill last minute, I'm on hand to help you find a replacement (often having sourced cover before you even knew there was a problem). If my team can't help then I have a huge network of people I can call on, so that really is a bit of peace of mind.

If you would like a no obligation quote, please do get in touch.

Emily xxx


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