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Tricks of the trade...Part 2 of 'couldn't do our jobs without'. The hair edition.

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Our hair team had so many amazing products to shout about, with some mentioned a number of times. So here goes...

She says 'couldn't go without this product, hero product for all things volume and texture'

Charlotte loves Sexy hair Powder Play and her T3 singlepass curl. She says she'd be lost without both.

Ruth and Laura love Bedhead Tigi Wax stick for smoothing down stray hairs and Ruth and Sam love the Babyliss root crimper to create volume. These girls know all the tricks of the trade.

Sam and Casey love the Redken Blast Wax for textured hair styles - Sam says it's the biz!

Sam and Leanne also love Schwartzkopf Tame wild for smoothing strays, braiding and sleek couture styles.

Jadie's favourite tools are her GHD's and her Head Jog tongs.

Liza loves the GHD curl spray and L'Oreal Pli setting spray.

And finally for a tool... Leanne swears by the KYK Triple Teaser Comb, for backcombing.

Massive apologies if this post has just cost you a fortune!

Thanks for reading



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