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Expert advice - Tips for getting married in a heatwave / abroad

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The summer weather has finally, well and truly hit us. It's lovely, but getting married in weather this warm can have its downsides and worries, so here are our tips...

  1. Lorna says 'prepare your body and skin a couple of weeks before by upping your water in take, not only will your skin glow, you will notice your makeup sits better and doing this further in advance allows your bladder and body to utilize the hydration ensuring you're not on the loo every hour!

  2. Jadie says 'from someone who got married in Greece I can advise to plan your wedding time carefully and bare in mind when/where to do photos, you don't want people squinting in your pictures or wearing sunglasses. Be mindful of what clothing you wear when out in the sub, you don't want unsightly strap marks in your strapless dress.'

  3. Jen says 'Don't get sunburnt on the weeks leading up to the wedding. Wear a high SPF.

  4. Louise W says 'Make sure you have plenty food and drink in the morning prep room. Not just bubbly but water & juices so everyone can still have a toast but drink plenty of non alcoholic drinks to stay hydrated and sensible food- no fish (it really can transfer its smell). It’s easier to have it all there in one place, meaning everyone eats and drinks plenty and no stylists get behind when ppl are arriving at different times.'

  5. Charlotte says 'Amazon sell amazing hand fans, which are great for hot days whilst having your hair and makeup applied, and afterwards. These make great little gifts for the bridal party too.

  6. Zoe says 'Dont get polyester PJ's, yes they are cheap but they make you sweat soo much, the girls Saturday had them and everyone was dying as it's not breathable. Or if you do get shorts and vest tops.'

  7. Emily says 'if you're worried about sun protection, then invest in a good over makeup SPF. Like La Roche Posay Anthelios Anti-shine invisible face mist. '

Thank you for reading

Emily and team


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