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Expert Advice - Top tips for long lasting make-up

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Whether you're a bride who's decided to do her own make-up, a wedding guest or you have any kind of special occasion, how to create long lasting make-up is one of the key things you will want to know. Well here are our top tips...

  1. Good skin prep is absolutely key. The better condition your skin is in the better your make-up will set and the longer it will last. Leanne says, 'be sure to use skincare that compliments your skin type.' Jen recommends Embryolisse multi purpose moisturiser.

  2. Following on from tip 1, exfoliation should play a part in your skin care a few times a week. Emily recommends The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow polish.

  3. We often find clients say, wow you're apply a lot of products, but this doesn't mean the make-up results are heavy, it's about layering in the right way. Often we've applied 3 or 4 products of skin prep before the make-up is even started. Layering up your products rather than one thick layer of foundation will always give you better longevity. Charlotte says 'by gradually building up coverage and products, you will create a durable flawless finish.'

  4. Lorna says 'if you take time to stipple the foundation after application, it will help with a flawless finish'.

  5. Ruth recommends using face primers, especially if you're prone to oily skin. A separate primer for the eyes is essential too.

  6. Look for long wearing products, but not too long. I'd always question why something says 48 hour wear... who really needs their make-up to last 48 hours!!

  7. Allow your skincare to soak in a little before applying your make-up. Emily says 'I always apply my skincare and then do eye make-up. By the time my eyes are done, my base is ready to go.'

  8. If you're prone to watery eyes, then avoid really dark eyeshadow that can smudge and look messy, keep eyeshadow light and accessorize with some lashes applied with waterproof lash glue. I like the Ardell Faux mink individuals, paired with a waterproof liner like Kat Von D Tattoo liner.

  9. When you've applied your liquid / creme products, set them with a little powder. If you're more oily than dry, then you will want to apply powder to more areas. But the key areas are where your pores are widest, nose, cheeks, middle of the forehead and the chin. I swear by Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder.

  10. Finish your make-up with a spritz of setting spray. It can feel odd spraying something wet over your beautifully finished make-up, but trust me it works. I love Urban Decay Allnighter. A little tip... if you're not a huge make-up wearer then you can buy a travel size of this and it will last you ages and save you a few pennies.

Thanks for reading

Emily xxx

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