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The summer holiday work / life juggle...

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

When the summer holidays approach, I always hit them with mixed feelings. The first one is relief that I'm not tied down to school runs for the next 6 weeks. The second is excitement as we usually plan a few adventures or holidays. The third is fear. Fear of how I'm going to entertain 2 children, run a business and also attempt to keep going to the gym and finding that much needed 'me time'. This year we have the added extra of moving counties to consider, so it's amazing my brain hasn't exploded yet. But there is one very good reason for this. My husband Tom is working from home with me this summer, which means we can share the work and share the kids.

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This summer could well be one like no other. Having both of us at home is a real luxury and one we haven't experienced before. Who knows if this will still be the case next year so we really wanted to enjoy it, as much as possible. We've planned lots of little breaks away, no huge holidays abroad, because well who can afford those anymore?!? But really wanted to make memories with them. Camping is something we have jumped into this year and despite some yucky weather, we have really enjoyed it. With a move near to Exmoor imminent we know that embracing the outdoors is going to be higher on our priority list, so coming a little more accustomed to camping seemed like a sensible step.

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When it comes to the work juggle this very much changes week by week. But essentially the rule is that we take it in turns to work every day. Weekdays are broken into shifts of who's shut away working and the other is on the children and then we have a block of time in the middle of the day where we do something all together as a family. We agreed early on that we need to make our happiness the focus this summer and not making 'loads of money'. Yes we have bills to pay, and will ensure we cover these, but ultimately this needs to not be at the detriment of a happy family life. It is just for 6 weeks after all. Come September when we have moved and the children settle into their new school and nursery, life will feel very different, and allowing ourselves the time to just be, has been much needed.

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I've had a few brides, on seeing my 'out of office',apologise for contacting me while I'm on holiday. But I never want anyone to feel like they need to apologise. We've built the business in a way that means that while I work most days, I don't work all day. If I'm answering emails, it's because I've carved out time in my day to do it. Yes a break is really important, but I've never got on with virtual assistants or handing over responsibility to others, so you will always get me. It may well be a quick reply to confirm I've had your email, or my reply may be a tiny bit delayed, but you'll always get me. I take pride in my work and want you to know I'm here for you regardless.

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And let's keep it real... we're not always at one with nature... we do use technology and slushies to keep our kids happy sometimes. And kids entertainment, while painful, is something we have learned to love when on holiday. The joy they get from it, is well worth the pain of the dodgy magician and parents dance off (which incidentally, Tom won!!).

Living for today is our motto this year and so far we are surviving!

I hope your summer holiday (if this applies to you) is going as well.

Emily and Tom



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