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Winter Skincare Tips...

Following my little poll on our Instagram you voted for a blog about winter skincare tips, which of course should come in very handy this time of year.

I asked the team for their advice and product recommendations and they were more than happy to oblige. We know that loved skin makes our job easier and switching up your skincare to work with the seasons is absolutely vital... and we don't mean, drop the SPF!!

'The cold weather and indoor heating etc can dry out our skin more than you realise. I love the Beauty Pie sleep oil. It smells lush and really nourishes fresh skin.

We also tend to wear more foundation in the winter months so take extra care in cleansing the skin. Double cleanse and regular exfoliation always, however especially during winter months.'

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'My tip is- if your skin feels drier than normal due to the weather or heating- don’t apply more of your normal moisturiser. Either bump it up by using a hydrating serum first or change to a winter moisturiser for drier skin as using more will do nothing!'

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'I’m a huge fan of ensuring you balm cleanse at the beginning and end of each day, couple this with an enzymatic exfoliation a few times a week. This helps to replenish and prepare the skin for all those gorgeous moisture boosting products like serums and moisturisers.

Some hero products for me are Trinny London, her products are designed specifically for individuals skin profiles (you complete an online profile) and the appropriate system is recommended for you.

I am also a huge fan of Balmonds skin salvation, this salve balm is incredible for dry skin conditions, psoriasis, can also be used to slug your skin overnight for a super deep hydration 🤍'

'Staying hydrated is important for your skin, as it is the largest organ of your body. It’s mostly made up of water and it won’t function at it’s best without it. Drinking lot’s of water flushes out the toxins from your body, which helps to improve complexion, boasts healthy skin and helps with skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

Keep using your SPF. Use a day moisturiser or face cream with SPF all year round to protect your skin from harmful sun rays. Even though the UVA is weaker in the Winter, it can still cause premature aging, wrinkles and damage to your skin. Don’t forget the lips! It’s often overlooked. Invest in a lip balm, such as Elizabeth Arden Eight hour cream lip balm with SPF 20 to stop chapped lips.

Don't forget your hands. Our hands are often neglected and it’s often where the first signs of aging appears. Our hands are our tools and we use them to carry out our daily tasks. The skin on the back of the hand is thinner, so it tends to dry out quicker, especially in the Winter. Keep a hand cream with SPF in your bag, so that you can moisturise your hands throughout the day and a hand cream without SPF by your bedside table for the evening.'

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'Avoid showering in really hot water, it can really dry out your skin, which is especially important in the winter months. Really hot baths or showers can potentially lead to small tears and cracks over the skin’s surface. Over time, this can cause dry, flaky and irritated patches of skin.

Be careful about how you change up your products, don't have a complete overhaul as your skin won't like it. Introduce and switch up your products one at a time, leaving a few days / a week between each.

Go easy on the booze, I know it's party season and that might be easier said than done, but research does show that alcohol can increase inflammation and worsen many skin conditions, such as psoriasis, eczema and rosacea. It has a dehyrating effect on the body and can also disturb sleep, which is important for skin regeneration.'

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'Bio Oil is a must - your skin needs hydration more than ever in the winter. An inexpensive but amazing product. Massage a few drops into the skin at night

My favourite winter skincare products are...

Rare Beauty tinted lip oil - a bit of colour and super hydrating'

'I love using a hydrating essence before serum or in replacement of depending on skin type, I find the hydration is longer lasting throughout the day with the added depth the consistency can reach into your skin, Remembering your make up is only as good as your prep.'

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I hope you've found this post useful. Especially if you're getting married in the winter. If you have any questions for me or my fab team, just pop a comment below.

Thanks for reading.

Emily and Team xxx

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