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Bridal make-up inspiration

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

You asked we're delivering... in today's blog you'll see some gorgeous examples of bridal makeup, from no makeup makeup, all the way up to full glam. This post will help inspire you to decide what you want, but also might help you find the right artist for you if you're undecided.

Remember when looking for hair and makeup inspiration for you, try to look at images of women with similar colouring to you. Hair colour, eye colour and skin tone being your main considerations.

When looking for inspiration, look at the work of the artist you've booked. This is the best place to guide them in the right direction, for starters it's on real people and it's work they have done, so you know it's realistic and achievable by them. Avoid places like Pinterest for make-up inspiration. Images are often over-edited and fake.

If you can't describe how you like your make-up then maybe have an image handy of yourself when you have liked the make-up and talk through what was done / what products you use / used. This is often a real help when deciphering what might be too much or not enough. I.e if you've never worn eye liner then this is an important piece of information for an MUA. If you hate liquid foundation then mention this early. Equally if contouring is part of your day to day routine, then you absolutely must mention this too. A good MUA will ask questions as they go too, so don't be put off by this, they want to deliver a look you love.

So on to the inspiration images...

Makeup by Louise W

'Fresh and glowing'

Photographer: Jodie Cooling Photography

Katherine never wore makeup. She asked for “light coverage” and wanted to look “fresh & glowing”. I would always advise to workout what coverage you would like: light, medium or full as that gives a good bench mark for us to work towards and workout how you want your skin to look overall- fresh/glowing or Matt (oily skin types tend to prefer a matter finish, I’ve found).

Makeup artist Leanne

'The best version of herself'

Amy wasn’t used to wearing make up, therefore wanted her skin to feel light and to look translucent with a soft glow to her cheeks. She wanted champagne coloured natural eyes and individual lashes that didn’t look or feel heavy. A lipstick to compliment her natural lip colour that she wouldn’t need to keep topping up all day. Overall a fresh, glowy and natural look that made her feel like the best version of herself.

Makeup artist Charlotte C

'Soft Glam'

My gorgeous bride wanted a soft glam, that allowed her natural beauty to shine through. Focus was placed on great skin care, and a fresh natural base with gorgeous neutral tones to enhance her pretty features 🤍

Makeup artist Louise E

'Each bride is individual'

Barney Walters Photography

For me there’s no ‘set makeup’ look for bridal. I try to enhance their natural beauty and the features they love the most!

Makeup artist Sarah

'No makeup, makeup'

The no make up , make up look!

This bride wanted glowing, fresh and soft make up look that enhanced her. She wanted a healthy glow , which was achieved through bronzing colours on the eyes and cheeks. Letting your freckles show through is a must.

This is a timeless and elegant look

Makeup artist Casey

'The natural look'

Natural look- this beautiful lady wanted a natural soft glowing look . I used subtle champagne / gold tones to compliment her natural olive skin, light coverage, with slightly more emphasis on her eyes , perfect for a summer wedding

Makeup artist Gemma

'Flawless Full coverage'

This bride wanted full coverage flawless skin, a natural nude pink lip and wanted the eyes to stand out without being to dark so we went for a natural/soft Smokey look with gold and bronze tones and keeping it lighter under the eye to open up the eyes

Makeup artist Louise W

'Soft but defined'

Photographer- Emily Jane photography

This bride wanted defined eyes but in neutral shades. Overall she wanted a soft but defined makeup.

Makeup artist Emily

'Soft bronze smoke'

With 2 trials one year apart and having a baby in between, Heidi opted for a much softer look on her wedding day, feeling like she had altered a lot of the last year and it was important her makeup followed this shift. Focusing on perfect buttery skin and a soft bronze smoke on the eyes. This look worked beautifully with the pastel tones in her bouquet, the glamorous yet simple waves in her hair and her sleek and elegant dress. 💖

Makeup artist Gemma

'Full smoke with a wing'

This bride wanted a more glam look a smokier look on the eye with a winged liner and full coverage skin.

I hope you've found this post useful. It might help you work out those all important terms when it comes to describing what you want too.

Is there a look we have missed? Would another post like this be helpful, with more looks? Just ask.

Thanks for reading



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