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Recommended Suppliers - Photographers.

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

I asked the team which photographers they love. I was immediately inundated with choices. If you're yet to find yours, this could be a great place to start. Finding the right photographer, isn't just about beautiful images, it's also about finding the right personality that's going to fit in with your wedding party. If a supplier is recommended by another supplier without any kind of agenda then you know that their experience is genuine.

Leanne loves Taylor Hughes Photography - 'the most beautiful work'

kissing couple black and white
Taylor Hughes Photography

Charlotte and Leanne love Neil Atkinson Photography (not forgetting his partner in crime Deb) - Charlotte said 'he's a lovely guy and so easy to be around'.

Sunset bride and groom
Neil Atkinson Photography

Zoe loves Stu Tucker Photography 'his photos are gorgeous and he's the nicest person. She wants him to shoot her vow renewal photos'.

Groom pocket watch
Stu Tucker Photohgraphy

Emily loves Tash at Honeydew Moments. The most beautiful romantic photography and the loveliest person too.

Honeydew Moments

Jadie loves Xanthe Rowland Photography 'Xanthe is the friendliest photographer to have around on the wedding morning. She makes everyone feel relaxed and comfortable.'

Bride and Groom confetti shot
Xanthe Rowland Photography

Charlotte and Emily love Naomi Kenton Photography. Charlotte said 'flawless airy images, perfect to capture the soft romantic details, absolutely obsessed with her work.'

Naomi Kenton Photography

Jadie also loves Naomi Jane Photography 'I loved the photos of a wedding Naomi took of a wedding I did a few years ago, so colourful and different.'

Bride and groom confetti throw
Naomi Jane Photography

Louise loves Amber Louise Photography 'she's a total babe and her images are lovely.'

Bride and groom sunset
Amber Louise Photography

Laura and Emily love Nick Church Photography. Laura said 'gorgeous work, and has a really lovely and relaxed vibe'.

Nick Church Photography

Jen loves Jodie Hurd Photography - 'really really lovely to work with'

Jodie Hurd Photography

Jen also loves Heather Bailey Photography 'she's super friendly, and being Keynsham based , I love to support a local supplier'

Heather Bailey Photography

Matt Willis Photography

Sam loves Albert Palmer Photography 'so low key, but really funny and fab shots'

Albert Palmer Photography

Sam also loves - Kerry aka A tall long legged bird - 'atmospheric, beautiful photography, but hilarious!'

A tall long legged bird

Kate loves Ryan Gould Photography - 'Such a nice guy, so friendly and chilled, just what a stressed bride needs. His work is incredible.'

Ryan Gould Photography

Studio Square Photography

Rebecca Carpenter Photography

I hope this has helped you find a photographer that suits you. If you think we've missed someone, pop them in the comments below...

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